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Guild Rules

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Guild Rules

Post by Jinx on Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:11 am

Respect is a MUST within all guild/ally/outside of guild activities. You wear OUR tag and represent all of us when you do so!
No Raging! No Flaming! No Trolling!

We speedclear a lot! So get your characters up and ready for anything we may need to throw your way! This means Get Your Ranks UP! Even if your rank is sufficient, it's not.

All new recruits MUST follow the Application process. If you leave this guild, you can damn well expect to do it again.

If you have a problem/concern/question take it to either an officer that can help fix that issue or the person dealing with the concern/problem or question. DO NOT take it into inappropriate areas such as alliance chat/towns/teams etc.

Get familiar with your officers, they are put their for a reason, if you need help or have questions don't hesitate to ask! If they see fit to ask to speak to you, you must comply and follow their directions. If you have any problems or questions about any actions brought up by any member or officer bring it to guild leadership.

The way the consets are payed for will be /roll 100. Yielding the lowest number will mean you pop 1st set. Second lowest means 2nd set. And so on. The only exceptions are:
If someone is feeling generous he may pop for a run without the team rolling.
Rolling a 1 is immunity for the run, and if the same exact team goes again.
Rolling a 100 pays all cons for the length of the run.

If you have a person that you think will be able to handle the skill level at this guild and he is interested in joining, copy and past the forum address from the status, and put it into a template for him. And have him apply. DO NOT ask an officer or myself to invite someone. We will handle all applicants in a timely manner.

We do offer our support and training to those that ask for it. We will go to pretty far lengths to make sure your ready for the challenges we expect you to take. But, we are not a teaching guild rather we fine tune your tactics to suit our playing style.

IF You can't be online for a set amount of time, Please let it be known in this forum. Otherwise you'll risk being kicked once your offline status reaches 3 weeks, if it could not be prevent we will invite you back but if you just decided to not play for any other reason you will be required to apply again.

A Fail run is when a team is forced out of an area by everyone dying or failing a quest that makes the little button appear to send you back home, Do Not EVER "rage" or leave a group because you "think" it will fail, plenty of runs that should of failed, ended up succeeding because the team stuck together! Never give up; you make EVERYONE including yourself look bad.

We have a TS3. And we expect everybody to use your COMMON SENSE and don't rage or annoy people.
Adress :

If any of the above Guidelines/Rules do not suit you, you might just not fit within our Guild.

Keep it casual,

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